Research shows we waste 6 weeks a year just trying to find things. This doesn’t even include time others spend helping us find it or the time it takes to recreate the form, template, letter etc. after we give up the search.
When it comes to electronic files, having an organized folder system to find information can help you save time and increase your productivity. You can use folders to sort your files into separate categories and place shortcuts to your favorite programs on the Desktop for easy access.
Consider using the same system for your document folders, email, shared files, website favorites, downloads, and your paper files. Using the same system for all types of files gives you easier, faster and more productive access to your information.
Learning how to organize your files on your computer is an important task that every computer user should be doing. When you first get your computer, it is beautifully clean and tidy and access to your information is easily accomplished. Eventually, though, you find yourself lost in a jumble of emails, multiple and unorganized files and folders that make it difficult to find what you’re looking for.
The best way to tackle this problem is to organize your folders and then organize your files within those folders. I can hear you now… “I can find my files; I use the search in my system.” Yes, the search does work and has made our lives so much easier, but by having a system that is organized the same for all your types of information makes life even easier and more productive.
You need to learn how to manage files on your computer, get into a routine, and then stick to it! I have learned my lesson over the years that when using computers, organizing your computer file’s system is number one priority in organizing information. When building your system, make subfolders within your folders. Limit the number of main folders for easier access and filing. Once you set up your filing (finding) system, make sure you stick to it and always save files in the correct location. Don’t be lazy; it should not be hard if you put some thought to your system and use it consistently.
The productivity system I use is called PFS = Productivity Filing (Finding) System. This system has made my life and my clients’ lives more productive and finding information fast easier. You don’t have to use my system; just make sure you have a system that works throughout all your filing to increase your productivity. Instead of giving you all the details here, I have created a video so you can actually see how to do it. Go to www.cathysexton.com/file for my Productive Filing System (PFS). Happy finding!