Who hires a coach?

People hire coaches because:

  • They want to improve their life
  • They want to grow as a person, employee, boss, spouse, friend
  • They want to accomplish more
  • They need someone to be accountable to
  • They need a new perspective
  • They feel stuck
  • They want more but need help getting there
  • They have goals that they want to accomplish quicker
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Do I need a Coach?

  • Are you doing what you most enjoy?
  • Is life easy?
  • Are you stressed and frustrated in a current circumstance: Relationships, Business, Workspace, Workload, Home, Surroundings, etc?
  • Do you have what you most want?
  • Are you settling?
  • Do want more out of life?
  • Do you want to accomplish more?
  • Do you need motivation?
  • Do you need a new perspective?

Each one of us is aware that we can achieve more out of life. No matter where you are in life, there is always a desire for more. More success, more money, better relationships, a deeper feeling of meaning in life, etc. Productivity and performance coaching can  give you the motivation required to unlock your full potential.

For more information on coaching, read “Productivity Coaching: Part I.” http://cathysexton.com/productivity-coaching-part-i/