How many calendars do you have?

  • Work calendar
  • Travel calendar
  • Home calendar
  • Church calendar
  • Kids Activity/Sports calendar
  • School Calendar
  • Others?

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Well you may have heard me say this before, but you have one life so you need ONE calendar. Keep all time commitments, whether professional, personal, or family in a single planner or calendar. If not, sooner or later you will miss an appointment or overbook yourself. It does not matter if it is electronic or paper (truthfully I have both). I like to carry a paper calendar with me so I can see the whole week at a glance, but at the end of the day I sync the paper calendar with my electronic – which then syncs (automatically) to my phone.

*Note: When scheduling meetings when I have to travel, I always add the travel time in the calendar so I know what time I have to leave.

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