Are you falling down on your follow through? Is that lack of follow through keeping you from the success you work so hard for?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, entrepreneurs are some of the most innovative, energetic people I know. They dream big. They have vision. And they’re willing to work hard to make those dreams reality. The problem is that visionaries and dreamers don’t usually like to focus on the details that can get them where they want to go. And they end up wearing too many hats and trying to do it all, which sometimes allows important things to fall through the cracks.

The ability to see the big picture and have vision serves entrepreneurs well when it comes to starting and running a business. But that frustration with details and determination to do it all themselves can be a problem when it comes to follow through.

Follow through isn’t simple or easy. It requires evaluation and planning, as well as time management and organization, all of which require time, effort and energy. But the details involved in following through are what set you apart from other businesses and guide your path to realizing your vision for success. In other words, the ability to follow through matters to your business.

Improving Follow Through

To improve on follow through and keep things from falling through the cracks, I recommend the following:

Carefully consider and determine what products and services will benefit you the most, then implement and learn how to use them, so you get the maximum benefit. Don’t chase after every new thing. Will the latest, greatest thing actually help streamline your business and improve your follow through, or add to your frustration and be a waste of time and money? Hire someone to help you evaluate what makes sense for your specific business and teach you what you need to know make the most of those tools. Nothing will work if you don’t understand how to use it … and use it effectively.

Hire a business coach to help with planning and strategy for growing your business. If you’re strong on vision, but weak in how to get there, a business coach can help tremendously. A good coach can help you think through the steps and anticipate potential pitfalls. They can even help you plan for how to avoid or work through those pitfalls or adjust if the plan needs to change. A business coach is also a great source of accountability. Nothing can keep most of us on track better than knowing we’ll be checking in and reporting our progress on a regular basis.

Put systems and processes in place that make follow through easier. One great example of this would be a system or process for reaching out and staying in touch with connections after a networking event. But systems and processes can be designed around anything that is repeatable. There can be a system for handling client feedback, staying in touch with current customers, or promoting new products/services. You can design something that thanks people when they make a purchase or sign up for something. You can even create systems and processes for employee training and meetings that make the best use of everybody’s time. Though it may take some effort to set up initially, systematizing will save you time, stress, and money in the long run – and help you with follow through.

Work on your time management and organization. Get, and stay, focused on the right tasks and activities that will move your business forward. Use to-do lists and calendars. Prioritize. You can’t expect yourself to keep everything you need to remember in your head! Something as simple as putting a call to a colleague you want to strategize with on your to-do list means you’ll follow through. Having an organized file system for meeting notes and other important paperwork means you’ll have what you need, when you need it.

Here’s a great resource for creating to-do lists that actually lead to getting things done. Click here

And here’s a great resource on time management. Click here

All of these things will help you manage those pesky details that are so important to your success. So, stop falling down. Follow through!

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