We’ve been sharing information productivity posts from IQTell.com for a while now, and here’s an exciting new announcement from them: IQTELL and Evernote – Together at Last.

For those of you who are comfortable using technology to keep you on track, this is definitely something you’ll want to check out! Here are just a few highlights:

#1 Using Evernote as a GTD collection bucket

Throughout the day, you can use Evernote to collect almost anything – snap a picture of a receipt or business card, record an audio note to listen to later, clip webpages and other content for study, work or research.

Once you come back to IQTELL, you can begin to process your Evernotes into your Actions, Projects, Someday, and Tickler folders. You can easily create an action from meeting notes, link notes to existing projects – the sky is the limit!

#2 See all your Project Information in One Place

I love creating Projects in IQTELL since I can include so much useful information: actions, phone call & meetings, files, emails, and now, all my Evernotes can be easily added as well.

#3 Add reminders to your Evernotes

Reminders are the perfect way to effortlessly leverage IQTELL’s abilities with Evernotes. Easily set up email or SMS reminders for any Evernote.

#4 Add Evernotes to your Calendar

You asked us to let you add Evernotes to your Calendar, and we’ve listened. Now, with our 2 way calendar sync, you can easily add Evernotes to your Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook Calendars. It now only takes one click to see your event-related notes.

Read the full post on IQTell.com and check it all out! How do you use technology to keep you productive? We’d love to hear your thoughts!