to do

By keeping a To-Do list, you ensure that you are capturing all the tasks you have to complete in one place. Having everything in one place is essential if you don’t want to forget things and want to reduce stress. With a To-Do list/system, you will be more organized and more reliable. As simple as it may seem, when people start to use a To-Do list/system consistently they often make major personal productivity/time management improvements.
Your To-Do List: Steps 1-3
1. Write it down. Do a brain dump and get everything you have to do out of your head and into your system.
2. Think next action, not end result.
3. If it is going to take more than 1 hour to complete, break it down to tasks that are less than 1 hr.
Refer back to this To-Do List post for a refresher on task management system options.
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