With time charting, it is important to find a time management system that works best for you. For an overview of time charting, check out this article: http://cathysexton.com/time-charting-part-1-increasing-productivity-by-using-time-charting/


Keep these tips in mind while time charting:

Don’t drain the brain. Ever feel like you can’t remember anything?  By writing things down, it will reduce the stress that comes from trying to remember so many obligations, activities, appointments, and to-do’s. This gives room for creative ideas to form.

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It’s all about YOU. It needs to work for you; so it doesn’t matter if your time-charting system costs $2.00 or $200.  Find one that will give you what you need.  Ask your friends what they use and why? Remember:  Just because it works for them doesn’t mean it will always work for you.

Need variety? Find the system that fits your personality, work and play style.  There’s a great variety of colors, sizes and shapes—daytimers, PDA’s/palm pilots, schedulers, planners, etc.

Color Rocks! Using colored pens, dots or highlighters helps to be organized and categorized at a glance.

Find it fast. Using a single organizing system to hold everything saves time when trying to locate important information.

Find the time management system that works best for you and start time charting today!