My son explains life with this simple to-do list.

We’re almost finished with the process of writing your “Ta Da” list. For a recap of steps 1-6 on how to prioritize your to do list, read the previous article here.

7. It is better to plan the night before for next day’s work.

  • Now look at your to do list and see what are those 3 most important items you need to work on? I call these my Daily T.I.P.S.©* (Top Important Priorities). Start working on these first.  Daily T.I.P.S.© is my way of keeping track of what the most important items are to complete each day.
  • Keep this list in sight so if you get distracted or interrupted it is easier to refocus on the task at hand.
  • Keep a pad close by to record all interruptions that are not for immediate action so that you can add these to your To-Do list later on. This will insure you don’t forget them and will help you avoid the feeling of having to do them at the point of interruption.
8. Once you have completed and narrowed down your list,  it’s time for action. If it is going to take more than an
hour of time, make sure you mark off time on your calendar.
9. Start on your most important project of the day before looking at email and answering phone calls.
10. You have taken the time to prioritize, so work on your list is in that order. Ta-Da! You are accomplishing more
with less stress and effort.