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Your work space can have a lot to do with how productive you will be during the work day.  Certain aspects of an office promote productivity and other aspects are distracting.  In order to get more out of your day, it’s important that you understand what makes your work space more productive for you.  Your productivity could be just a daydream away, or not.

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Problem #1

When the weather is bad, it has been found that productivity is up.  In this case, when weather is wonderful outside work productivity tends to decrease.  Workers tend to stare out the window and daydream about more pleasing activities they’d rather be doing.

Suggestion:        Move desk away from windows to discourage daydreaming and make your work space more productive.


Problem #2

A work space that has no décor tends to be a real bummer to work in.  Pictures, primarily those of cute images raise senses to give more focus and be careful of the tasks you are performing.  Newly created and fragile objects raise our sense of awareness.  These images and objects make us feel good. Pictures of kittens and puppies make our senses want to pay more attention because we tend to be more careful around babies and new or fragile objects.

Suggestion:       Place posters or pictures of children and baby animals in eye view; as well as simple desk size glass figures promote a sense of focus but be careful not to over due it.


Problem #3

Working in a warm and humid work space encourages drowsiness and less productivity.  When you are warm, a feeling of comfort tends to creep in.  While it may seem like a great idea to work in a comfortable atmosphere, a few degrees up or down can mean the difference between a completed project and one that is not.  If a temperature is somewhere between comfortable and uncomfortable, it will create a formula of a more productive worker.

Suggestion:       Place the thermostat at 74⁰F to alleviate drowsiness and promote productivity.  Experts have deemed this the perfect temperature our work space to be more productive.


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Give your thoughts below:  How do you make your work space more productive?  Have you tried any of the suggestions above?

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