More tips to help you get more organized

Whether at the office or at home, use this idea to help you get things done! TIPS IN ORGANIZING PAPERS: Use vertical hanging files for active files, like a “Bills to pay” “Data entry”, “Meeting notes”, “Waiting for response” etc. These folders...

Tips in Organizing Financial Papers

Tips in organizing financial papers: Don’t keep receipts that you don’t need. Discard receipts that are not related to taxes (unless it is needed for item return or exchange). Shred ATM receipts after your bank statement balances. Implement a paper flow system to...

What is your work style?

Do you know what your work style is? Here is a great article from Office Depot. Every business professional knows being organized pays dividends, from increased productivity to the satisfaction of being able to actually see past the piles on your desk. The trouble...
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