Productive or Just Busy?

Which are You?

We all get wrapped up in our everyday lives with grocery shopping, paying bills, running families and businesses, and even managing our email.  We all seem to be busy, but are we being productive?  When it comes to being productive vs. being busy, where do you stand?

What’s the Difference?

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There is a difference between being productive and being busy.  Being productive is accomplishing major tasks that make a difference in your overall day.  This cannot be muddied with busy work.  While busy work is often important, it can get in the way of your daily goals.  In order to accomplish goals, make them simple and realistic.  Reduce your to-do list to keep the busy syndrome at bay while you focus on being productive.  Keep your daily to-do list at 3-4 priority tasks a day.

1. The Job Jar.

For all those task that you want to get to one day – put them in your job jar.  Your “job jar” is for tasks that you will do when you “get around to it.”  When that day and time comes, pull a job out and work on it! (You can always exchange it for another job if you don’t like the one you pulled, but at least you’re getting something done!) Use the job jar idea to get your family or staff involved.  The job jar will help you stay productive while trying to tackle top important priority tasks.

2. Find your peak time of day.

Find the time of day where you are at your peak performance level and knock out priority projects.  Let this be a time where you decline phones calls and ignore emails.  Eliminate all distractions and get in your zone.  Some people work best in the morning, and others are primed for projects in the afternoon.  Whichever time works best for you, block it off and focus.

Being productive vs. being busy is an issue we all must evaluate ourselves on regularly.  We all get caught up and lost in our daily tasks.  If you are all over the place doing this and that, feeling like you have not accomplished much, you are probably just busy.  When you have completed tasks and freed up time in your day, this is a sure sign that you are managing your time right.

How do you make you day more productive? Share with us below.

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