Tips to Increase Daily Productivity 

Staying productive at work is sometimes a daunting task considering how distractions there can be when there is so much to do: phone calls to make, emails to return, and projects to manage.  If you have these same issues there are ways of increase daily productivity for an optimal workday.

Prepare for a tomorrow before you leave your desk today.  Create a to-do list.  This will help you keep track of your projects throughout the day.  When you come in the next day, your list will provide a quick start and thus increase daily productivity.

Take short breaks away from your desk. Short breaks will help refresh you and will keep you from office burnout. Go to the water cooler or the break room for a mental break.  If you do not have either, step outside for five minutes.

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Try taking calls while standing.  Standing during a phone call usually cuts down on unnecessary conversations. You tend to get the point much faster when you stand and talk, helping you increase daily productivity.

Work each day by a schedule. It helps if your day is planned out before you begin it. Having a schedule everyday helps you to know what’s next and when to end the current project. Stay within the constraints so the rest of your day’s tasks are not affected.

Don’t overuse technology.  Caution yourself against email overload. Respond quickly after you have completed important tasks.  Discipline yourself with social media.  It can suck up a chunk of your day by the time you’ve viewed your second video of your high school classmate’s daughter’s first steps.

Do use technology wisely. Good Technology use in the office is Dropbox or Google Docs to easily work with colleagues without leaving your desk. Use video meeting software like Skype to eliminate travel time to and from meetings.

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